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It is something then cannot be taught. It is something we naturally do without trying. To be in the medical field compassion can be of great value. It is a skill that cannot be taught, to do CPR taught, to stop bleeding taught, and so on. If i could give any advice don’t lose your heart in it, keep that passionate, compassionate drive to make a difference alive. You will have tough calls. You will even have tough days where you make mistakes, fall on your face, fall off a step helping carry a patient. Don’t worry PT was fine no was hurt. But my dignity. OH YES, can’t forget falling in a canal ditch at 5 am. Yes, that was me this morning stepping out of the ambulance on a call, thankfully there was no water in the ditch. We are going to mess up, best advice I can give is laugh it off. If you can laugh at yourself and realize you are new. There is nothing you are not going to do that some newbie didn’t do already before you. That is the beauty of being new, make all your mistakes now so you can help someone like you later on.

The same goes for being a CNA, working in a hospital is a emotional rollercoaster. You go in one room they are fine, there was some minor stuff. Next room you go in is sometimes on comfort cares and they have hours to live. Death is sad, scary, and very real. The thing some don’t see is the peace that comes with death. The battle someone fights to live gets exhausting and they choose to let go. No more pain, no more being tired of being sick. I am not sure if you have read this book, “Tuesdays with Morrie” it is an exceptional read about coming to peace with death. That death is not fear. It is a beautiful story about finishing how you started. Choices made on your terms. This morning all leaves you with this, if we live our lives in fear, are you truly living, or are you just hiding because realism is too hard to face. Go for the real, the raw, as much as it hurts and can be scary to embrace there is beauty is the storm. You will come out stronger, and more confident because you didn’t give up when life go hard. xoxo