Fairytale or Reality?

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

When will he come; when will he call.

Is love true; is he the one I shall vow too.

I am uncertain.

As long as I wait, I will continue to love more.

I stand bystander to the crowds as I desire the touch of your hand among mine.

Will he be the finally, the one that make my heart most true?

Or am I still to wait for they sir you….

(Poem of the young/ wishful me)

Ever since I was a little girl, I was a real sucker for a fairy tale. As I grew older, and life hit me like a baseball bat into next year. I learned the hard way that, that is not reality. Life, the real one we experience isn’t like the daydreams we cling to when where young full of hopes. That would just be too easy. We are one a rollercoaster, the hard, the tragic, and the mistakeable misfortune of growing older still searching for what you longer for at 10 years old playing wedding. Even in that misfortune I wouldn’t rewind, to do that I would lose all the moments that make you the person you are today. Without it all, I wouldn’t have the experience or the longing to write to others who too are still looking for just a little bit of fairytale to come true. Keep dreaming, it can still happen, but best advice I can give is readjust your reality and prepare for the short comings that will come your way on the rollercoaster to your future.

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